You said “yes”. It’s an amazing time. It’s going to be an amazing day and you and your partner have decided to say “I do” with your furbaby. Luckily, not only is it now being accepted, but it’s being celebrated to have your dog walk down the aisle with you or as a pet guest of honor. Your dog is your family and your big day wouldn’t be complete without your lil’ guy or gal at your side.

Tips on how to decide what role your dog will play at your wedding. It’s all about personality. Is she active or aloof? Puppy or Senior? Does she tolerate noise? Or is she more on the timid/shy side? Does she love meet and greets?  How does she do with lots of food and smells? For whatever your pup’s personality tolerates, there is a place for him/her.

Organic Cotton Rope Leash whipped with Blue Hemp Twine

Your pet can be a guest of honor and simply stand with the wedding party during the ceremony, or your pet can have a specific role.

Here are some examples:

Ring Bearer

Dog of Honor

Best Dog

Including your dog in your photos will be a memory for life, so no matter what your pet’s role is, your pictures with your pup will last forever.

Now to the big question – What does my dog wear to my wedding?

We, at WigglyWoos had no idea when when we started our Natural Rope Collar and Leash Collection that it would be a very popular choice for wedding season. That is the wonderful bits of life that always surprise you and we are so happy to be part of a very special day. We offer Cotton, Organic Hemp, and Eco Friendly Cork Collars, Leashes, and accessories. Our Cotton rope collars and leashes have become a wedding favorite. Sustainable hemp offers a rustic, natural beauty. Cork is a wonderful alternative to leather and cotton offers cozy simplicity in only the best ways. Always vegan, always plastic free.

We can accommodate all shapes and sizes for your pup. Please reach out with any questions. We offer standard and custom fit, if needed.

Eco-friendly, natural Just Hemp Collar and Rope Leash

Just Hemp Adjustable Step-In Harness

Adjustable Step-In Harnesses. Easy to put on and take off.

Cotton Rope Leash and Hemp Collar Best Dog

Mix and Match: Natural Cotton Rope Leash paired with eco Just Hemp Pebble beach with brass hardware

Mix and Match: Natural Cotton Rope Leash Cork Handle in Saddle Brown paired with Cork / Hemp Collar with nickel hardware