Wigglywoos was born out of love and passion for animals, nature, conservancy, pets, the people that care for them, sustainable textiles, and the planet.

Hemp is a true powerhorse.  Hemp can be grown as a renewable source for raw materials that can be made into thousands of products.  It’s seeds and flowers are used in foods such as: oil, milk, tea, butter, flour, protein powders, and more.  Also used in cosmetics and organic body care.  The fibers and stalks are used in clothing, paper, biofuel, plastic composites, construction materials, animal bedding, and more.

Hemp can be grown in almost any soil and climate and is weather resistant.  Hemp produces the strongest natural fiber known to mankind.  The crop can be cultivated in the same soil year after year.  Hemp does not need herbicides and pesticides like cotton to grow well.  Studies show that hemp farming uses considerably less water than cotton. Cotton is heavily irrigated and is depleting our limited water sources.

Hemp is one of the oldest domesticated crops.  It has been used for paper, textiles, and  cordage for thousands of years.  The word “canvas” is derived from the word “cannabis.” Hemp canvas was used to make the sails and ropes that carried European settlers to America for hundreds of years.  The paintings of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and many others were primarily painted on hemp canvas.  It’s combination of Ruggedness and comfort were utilized by Levi Strauss as a lightweight duck canvas for the very first pair of jeans made in California.


Hemp for textile and other uses is not the same substance and is often confused for marijuana.  Hemp for industrial production is the variety of the cannabis plant that secretes low-grade Thc in negligible amounts of less than 0.3%.  It is not psychoactive.


3 times the tensile strength of cotton

Anti-microbial and Uv resistant

Naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and rot

Continues to soften over time without fiber degradation

Breathable, absorbent, and hypo-allergenic

The fashion industry is a complex and perplexing one.  We all want to look good, but perhaps at the expense of feeling good.  Dioxin, Formaldehyde, bleach, and toxic dyes are some of the chemicals routinely used.  The lengths most garment companies will go to at the expense of putting all of us and the environment at risk is alarming.  We, at Wigglywoos go to great lengths in sourcing cruelty free, eco-friendly, organic hemp webbing for our dog collars and leashes from sweatshop-free, chemical free, european grown hemp.