Why we love hemp at Wigglywoos

Wigglywoos was born out of love and passion for animals, nature, conservancy, pets, the people that care for them, sustainable textiles, and the planet.

Hemp is a true powerhorse.  Hemp can be grown as a renewable source for raw materials that can be made into thousands of products.  It’s seeds and flowers are used in foods such as: oil, milk, tea, butter, flour, protein powders, and more.  Also used in cosmetics and organic body care.  The fibers and stalks are used in clothing, paper, biofuel, plastic composites, construction materials, animal bedding, and more.

Dog Leashes…What’s a good fit for you and your pup?

A great way to get exercise, bond with your 4 legged friend and show off some of your fashion sense.  From functional to bling and everything in between, there are many choices for you and your pet.  Dog and pet leashes come in many lengths, sizes, and materials.  The right leash is necessary to keep you and your pup safe and by your side while teaching him manners in an effective way.

Coconut Oil For Dogs – Health Benefits For Internal And External Use


1. Kill fleas naturally!
2. Itchy skin, hot spots
3. Small wounds and cuts
4. Infected ears
5. Dog’s pads

Fleas: Massage the oil into the affected area and throughout your dog’s coat. You can do this daily or a couple of times a week. Your pup might have a good time licking but that ok. It won’t hurt your dog to ingest the oil. Non toxic treatment. Or you can put on an old t shirt until it is absorbed into the skin.

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