Confectionery truffles are a wonderful, chocolatey treat for humans, but for you dog not so much.

Chocolate is toxic for dogs. The toxic component of chocolate is theobromine, but who can resist this wonderful little ball of goodness so … we are making the WUFFLE. This is an easy no chocolate recipe for you and your pet to enjoy!  Instead of chocolate, we will replace with carob powder. Don’t confuse carob for cocoa or cacao. Cocoa products are toxic to your pet. This is a very easy, quick, wonderful no-bake snack for you and your pup.  


½ cup Rolled Oats-Oatmeal

½ cup Peanut Butter-Natural, no salt or sugar varieties is best

Shredded Coconut-For rolling

Carob Powder-For rolling-Substitute for chocolate

Combine Ingredients

Combine the cooled oatmeal and room temperature peanut butter with a spatula in a bowl until it comes together.  If you find the mixture a little sticky, add a little water to your hands or mix.  Once together, form balls with your hands in the size of your choosing for your dog.  When the balls are formed put into refrigerator to set for 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Here you can practice your confectionary skills with the shredded coconut and carob powder. Roll your truffles into carob powder and shredded coconut and Voila You have just made tasty, all natural truffles for you and your pet.


Someone is waiting patiently for this photoshoot to be over with and try a “Wuffle”. Good girl Angel “Bam Bam” :).

Our old man Gino loves his “Wuffles”.